Sunday, 29 November 2009

Wat too much

I often have too much on my mind.

This “too much” is not about duties, activities, or responsibilities. I can balance those very well.

My “too much” has to do with my thoughts about concepts, ideas, theologies, politics etc. These thoughts race around my mind like an unstoppable merry-go-round/carousel.

Today’s carousel has included:

1. the vote in Switzerland about Minarets.
2. the huge gulf in the ways that Christians in Massachusetts and Uganda think about gay and lesbian people.
3. the ways in which hymns shape our faith – especially a contrast between the wordiness of Episcopal church hymns, and the simplistic nature of what is called “praise music”. Both are quite crummy.
4. the “circling” of the wagons of races, classes, religions and cultures in the face of what we call “globalisation”.

“Stop the world, I want to get off!” 

I cannot cope with this merry-go-round of my mind.

But I can cope with simpler matters – especially good food.

So I will relate with joy that my friends, the Revd. Arthur Lee of St. David’s in Englewood, FL and his wife Rosemary; together with the Revd. David Danner of All Angels Church in Longboat Key, FL and his wife Wafa came to my home for lunch today.

I served a simple lunch with a “main course” choice of either bean soup or fish stew, and good bread.

On the table for dessert were two good cheeses and  fresh fruit.

It was all fairly effortless for me. And the table conversation was great.

Best of all I was able to offer some “home hospitality” to the Lee and Danner families who have shown me such great hospitality in their parishes.

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