Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Cabbages and phone calls

My ‘phone rang at 3:00 a.m. today.  I picked it up after one ring.

On the other end was a woman from Fitchburg, MA whom I’ve not seen for nearly 30 years.  She had an odd question.  “How do you cook cabbage? she asked.   I offered two suggestions – steaming or stir-frying.

She called again a few minutes later. Again I picked up my ‘phone after a single ring. She had another question. “Now that I have cooked the cabbage, how do I eat it?”

I could not comprehend why she was calling me about cabbage in the middle of the night

The ‘phone rang for yet a third time.

 This third call woke me up. 

Awakened I realised that I had been simply dreaming about former parishioners, and cabbages.

What I’d been hearing in that half-sleepy state was my senior cat Ada. She was yowling her loud yowl which could indeed, in a dream, sound like a ringing ‘phone.

I giggled myself back to sleep.

Fortunately I remembered  all this today and "wondered" about the mystery of dreams.

It's interesting indeed that a real noise  (my cat yowling) became the sound of a ringing 'phone in my dreams.

As for the cabbage.  Earlier yesterday in a Supermarket, I had indeed contemplated whether or not I should purchase a cabbage!

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  1. There will be seven years with bountiful harvests of cabbages followed by seven years of no cabbages at all. During the seven good years you must collect up all the surplus cabbages and store them in your back room. Then, during the years of cabbage famine you can sell your stored cabbages at inflated prices and become as rich as Joseph.