Saturday, 5 December 2009

Parsnips, bursitis, bishops and keys.

1. Parsnips are good. I stir fried some tonight alongside carrots, green beans, mushrooms and red peppers.

2. The magical steroid injection worked. I am more or less pain free from my hip bursitis, and I have been able to take my dog Penne on some good walks.

3. The Episcopal Church in Los Angeles elected two assisting Bishops yesterday and today. Both are women. One is a lesbian in a committed partnership. Way to go!

4. I am preaching tomorrow at All Angels by the Sea Church on Longboat Key, FL. Hence I have been edgy all day. I am finding it more and more difficult to prepare sermons in these days of retirement (I enter into three and a half years of retired life tomorrow).

5. I was walking through a parking lot this afternoon and spotted a car key on the ground. The key had a “Saturn” decal. I picked it up and placed it on a wall where it might be spotted by the person who had lost it.

The parking lot led me to a drug store where I purchased a few items.

Just as the clerk/cashier was ringing me up, a man began to scrabble on the floor. He explained that he had lost a key, and was looking for it in the store.

“Is it a key to a Saturn car? I asked.Yes it is”, he replied. “Follow me I countered, “and I will show you exactly where to find your key”. The man was entirely grateful!

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