Monday, 8 February 2010

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The following is as reported by the Boston Globe/

If and when conservatives recaptured Washington, Mrs Palin said she would call for "America's spirit to rise again, to go back to our roots as a God-fearing nation" that would "start seeking some divine intervention".

My serious question is “When was America a God-fearing nation”?


“G” (see “A tale of two persons [2]”) called me today. I happened to be in his neighbourhood so I drove to his home.

In the U.K. He lives in a council flat.
In the U.S.A. He lives in an apartment in a project.

His monthly disability check had not arrived as should have happened. He asked me to lend him some
money. I refused, but said that I would give him five bucks.

When I had done this he asked for a ride to ‘Wendys” to buy a hamburger. I was a wee bit pissed at this until he told me that for two days he’d had nothing to eat but dry bread. So instead of driving him to Wendys' we went to the supermarket where I bought $75 worth of good and healthy food to tide him over for a few weeks.

Our choices were limited as he has no utensils save only a small saucepan - no plates or dishes, no silverware (cutlery) - no - well nothing other than one saucepan and some plastic utensils. I had to buy some paper plates and cereal bowls, plus one sharp knife

On Wednesday I’ll try to be a God-fearing American, and will take him to “Goodwill” (in British terms a “Charity Shop”), to buy some plates, dishes, cutlery, pots and pans etc.

I get angry, and it makes me weep that folks like “G” are left to drift on the waves, and dashed against the rocks in this our prosperous Nation. Neither Mrs Palin, nor President Obama offer hope for the “Gs” of this country.


It surprises me that I have become so devoted to my adopted dog Penne.

Most days I think that she has adopted me.

Although it may not be intellectually sound, I assert that Penne and I need each other.

There is something in animal/human bonding that leads me to believe that she seems to be so devoted to me. She always wants to be physically near me. Wherever I am in my home she is nearby, with at least one eye focused on me.

There is something in animal/human bonding that leads me to know that I am devoted to her. I will do my very best for the welfare of this beast.

Here, I suspect, is common ground for Mrs. Palin and me. I suspect that she and I are both inordinately fond of our animal pets.

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