Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Random thoughts, with no deep consequences.

Tyres (Tires) are awfully expensive.  I truly needed two replacements - so I am out of pocket $239 plus tax.

Denise, the service clerk who takes care of me at the Hyundai dealership is cool. She remembers my name, and I get the sense that she truly cares about her work.

Riding a ‘bus in Sarasota is O.K.    My local route 6 will take me to the Sarasota Mall, to downtown Sarasota (three minutes walk from Resurrection House), or to within a four minute walk from the Hyundai dealership.  The ‘bus runs every 30 minutes, it is usually on time, and my “senior citizen” ticket costs me only 35 cents.

I find it hard to think of myself as a “senior citizen”, but I was glad to take the ‘bus today, from the car dealership to Res. House and back.

It’s O.K. to get angry with my homeless friends at Res. House when they screw up.  To be “nice” to them all the time would be a form of patronisation. 

When G-d gets angry with me it is because she loves me.

I could never summon the energy to be a “vegan”, but I am on my way to becoming a semi-vegetarian. Breakfast was a banana with peanut butter; lunch was red leaf lettuce and tomato with a skimpy bit of beef; dinner was a host of butter beans with 3oz of grilled salmon.  I am on the cusp of eliminating all red meat from my diet.

Doritos are my favourite snack.  I “lust” after them, but I have not given into that lust for three months!

Whatever you think, I know that cats recognise their names.

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