Saturday, 13 February 2010

Nature - red in tooth and claw.

Florida life has much more to offer than the "early-bird - all you can eat" special at the local cafe, with a parking lot filled with big-assed Cadillac and Mercury cars.

There is sex.

I have seen squirrels, snapping turtles, muscovy ducks, and mocking birds in the very act of copulation.

There is violence.

I have seen mocking birds as they dive bombed-crows.   I have seen crows as they dive-bombed hawks.  I have seen a hawk as she/he tried to snatch a duck for a mid-day lunch.

There is murder.

I did not see the murder, but I discovered the skeletal remains.   They were in "no-mans land", a slightly wooded area between Glen Oaks Ridge  (where I live), and Glen Oaks Manor where Ben lives.  I walk  through this area several times each day as I take my dog Penne for her frequent walks.

Here are some photo's at the scenes of  the crime.

My guess is that the victim was a possum.  But I am no biologist, and I'd love to hear other opinions.

I also suspect that a hawk was the "perp", aided and abetted by some vultures who cleaned up the bones.

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