Saturday, 10 April 2010

The Fallen Faithful or "I was at the world premiere of a movie!"

After our late lunch at the Columbia Restaurant Ybor City last Thursday (April 8th 2010), Ben Morse, Bob Lewis, Ed Green and I hoved over to Tampa’s “Channelside Cinema” for a movie premiere.

Yes, it was the world premiere for “The Fallen Faithful” – filmed in Tampa.

We were at this premiere because Andrew “Drew” Wirtz (second son of the late Bruce Wirtz and Mary Virginia Wirtz) was one of the co-producers and financiers of this low budget movie.

(After Bruce and Mary Virginia divorced, Bruce [a friend of mine since 1976] was partnered with Ben Morse.)

This one million dollar “indy” movie uses such fine actors as Sonny Marinelli, Mark Margolis, and Obba Babtunde. (“Google” their names if you will!)

The plot is more than plausible.

The acting is super.

(And it was lovely to see Drew Wirtz in a cameo role – the be-spectacled worshipper in a church scene at the sharing of the peace.).

BUT ------ the movie includes so much violence. That the violence is integral to the plot is something which I understand. Nonetheless I had to close my eyes during some scenes.

“The Fallen Faithful” will be shown in Los Angeles in June.

After that, at best it will be picked up for worldwide cinema showing. Or it may go direct to DVD distribution.

Should you ever view it please remember that:

1. I saw the world premiere!
2. Co-producer and cameo actor Drew Wirtz is someone I have known since 1978.
3. Myra Williamson Wirtz (wardrobe mistress) is a great woman. I know her. She is Drew’s spouse.

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