Saturday, 22 May 2010

70 years

I have ten nephews. They are all good guys. 

My favourite is Sam.  He is the only son of my youngest brother Martyn, and Martyn’s wife Wendy.

Sam celebrated his 14th birthday today. 

Of course I called Sam to wish him “Happy Birthday”.

There are very few points of contact between a 14 years old nephew, and his (almost) 66 years old Uncle.

But this old uncle did make his young nephew giggle when I reminded him that when I was 14 years old, his Dad was just 4 years old.  That seemed to give Sam some perspective on age differences.

Ginny C. is a neighbour of mine. She lives about 7 houses away.  She is so frail.

I could imagine that the slightest breeze would blow her to the ground.

Each day, with that in mind, I take her daily newspaper from her driveway and place it on a plastic chair right next to her front door.  I do this to make life easier for her.

As I walked out with Penne this afternoon I saw this frail woman - she was just outside of her front door.  I walked up the driveway so that I could tell her that it was I who moved her paper each morning.

She was duly and genuinely thankful.

I ventured to ask Ginny her age.   She responded with alacrity, as she told me that she is 94 years old.  We chatted for a bit and Ginny told me that her biggest problem is that she is so bored,  since she is no longer able to drive.

Mine is an interesting life.  On this very day I have chatted with a 14 years old nephew, and a 94 years old neighbor.

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