Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Folks such as I who live in Condo or Housing Association “developments” in these United States have to contend with a multitude of “rules”. 

(I continue to be flabbergasted that these local rules are most rigidly enforced by Republicans and Libertarians who are so opposed to “rules” i.e. “laws”, which are promulgated in the National Congress or in City or State regulations).

My own actions are circumscribed by the “Glen Oaks Ridge Condominium Association”.  This retrograde body has “strict” rules about gardens.

We are allowed to plant on the perimeters of our homes, and NO PLACE ELSE.

The perimeter of my property extends to 166 feet.   So I have planted it with flowering shrubs and plants in order to beautify my neighborhood.

Here are a few pics to illustrate my labours (U.K), labors (U.S.A.)

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