Thursday, 20 May 2010


1. My next door neighbour is not a nice person. We share a driveway, so I cannot ignore her altogether. Yesterday she was outside of her home chatting with a gentleman who was washing and “detailing” her car. As I walked out to get into my car she issued a comment about me. According to her (a very white-skinned African-American), I am “a fu.ker ; a WHITE fu.ker; and an a..hole. SO NOW YOU KNOW.

2. British Petroleum (B.P) has gone on to a charm offensive with full or half page advertisements in national and local newspapers regarding the oil blow out in our Gulf of Mexico. Tell me please, why do I not believe B.P.’s propaganda?

3. The “Love Bug” (or “June Bug”) season is here in great force. These flying insects are unavoidable. Our cars are smattered with the bugs which smash into our windshields/windscreens as we drive. We have to clean them off as soon as possible because their smattered remains can do damage to the car’s paint. “Love Bugs” copulate even as they fly through the air. After copulation the poor males die.

Male “Love Bugs” thus have a very brief moment of bliss. They fly, come, and then die.

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