Monday, 14 June 2010

Cousins, food and the world.

 From FaceBook
My Staten Island, N.Y.  cousin, Michael Altini writes:  “I love eating. If the food is not up to spec, I get very angry, pay and leave. I know I can make half the stuff better”
My Bristol, U.K cousin, Chris Finch writes : “Diet News - Day 21. Half a pound down takes me 2 away from my target in 3 days . Who's that skinny guy in the mirror?”

From me:
1.      Hey Michael, I am with you.  I rarely get truly excited about restaurant food.  It is so often either poorly cooked and presented, or over-priced.  I much prefer my home cooked foods – e.g. the roasted parsnips, carrots, onions, and peppers which I just scoffed down.

2.      Hey Chris, I am with you, but I have taken a slower route.  Back in January I saw a 203 lbs (14+ stone) person in the mirror.  Today that mirror shows a 158 lbs (11+ stone) Michael Povey.  I have lost about 3 stones (say 42 lbs).  I love the slimmer me.

My route to “slimnitude” has been (a) exercise (I walk about 5 miles each day, thanks to my dog!); 

and (b) diet (no snacks, very little red meat, and lots of fruit, fish and vegetables).

To all    

This business of food and diet is very much a western privilege.  We cannot talk about the foods we enjoy, and the lbs we have lost without also thinking about the billions of humans whose diet is subsistence, or less.

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