Thursday, 17 June 2010

My lusts

I have been lusting after a plate of fresh Fava Beans (a.k.a. Broad Beans) for three or four weeks.

What are Fava/Broad  beans?    See
I used to buy them frozen at the “Market Basket” in Somerville, MA.  But these good beans get a bit tough when frozen.
Fava Beans are readily available here in Florida, but only in the canned/tinned version, marketed by  “Progresso”.  They are “O.K.”  (Only in the same way that any canned/tinned veggies are adequate but not great).
Dammit:  I want fresh broad beans.  I want these beans right from their preposterously huge pods.
I've  tried every farmer’s market within range.  But none of them grew Broad/Fava beans.  Some of these markets had never even heard of them.
BUT ...   I was at my local “Publix” supermarket this morning.  “Publix” has a near monopoly throughout Florida, so I try to avoid shopping with them, and do my best to patronise their puny rivals (Sweet Bay and Winn Dixie).
Nonetheless I shop at Publix from time to time, especially for their store brand canned cat food which Ada and Adelaide scoff down with wild abandon!
Thus it was that I was in a Publix Store this morning.  I bought the cat food, and then went searching for some cucumbers.
In that search my eyes alighted upon fresh Fava/Broad beans at the iniquitous price of $2.69 per pound.
I bought 2lbs.  This was partly to satisfy my longing, and partly to encourage Publix to continue to stock them, and other “less than mainstream” veggies and legumes.

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