Friday, 10 September 2010

Pay attention J.M.P. (2)

On Wednesday I roasted four chicken legs.  (In fact the oven did the roasting).

 I cut up the meat from two of the legs to make my famous curried chicken salad. (Well at least one person other than I like it - so it’s just a wee bit famous!).

That left two cold cooked chicken legs. Whenever I opened the fridge door they called out to me, saying “do something”   So I decided to “do” a chicken pot pie.

I chose the “quick and easy” recipe with cut up chicken, low fat cream of mushroom soup, frozen green peas, frozen black eyed peas, and a bit of cayenne pepper to spice things up – all to be covered with store bought pie crust.  I mixed up the ingredient in a plastic bowl, and set it aside for the peas to thaw.

By then I needed to run an errand.  I turned the oven on to pre-heat it, planning to transfer the mixture to a glass cooking bowl and cover it with the pastry as soon as I got home.

The errand took a while longer than I’d anticipated but when I arrived back home I was  greeted with the smell of something cooking.

Oh my! When I’d turned the oven on, I’d forgotten that I had previously placed the plastic bowl with its contents on an oven rack,  to keep it from the lips of prying cats.  

By the time I got home the  plastic bowl had started to melt, and the food was cooking!

Unbelievably, none of the plastic had melted into the food, nor had any of the food spilled over.  It was perfectly edible, so my supper last night was chicken pot pie sans pastry!

But  I MUST PAY ATTENTION,  things could have been a lot worse.

I'll never again be able to use this battered old plastic bowl!

Semi molten plastic bowl.

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