Thursday, 9 September 2010

Pay attention J.M.P. (1)

Pay attention jmp

My most recent visit to Sarasota’s excellent “Selby Library” had me looking for one or more of Taylor Caldwell’s novels.  I’d heard that she was a fine writer, and I was looking for her novel “Grandmother and the Priests”.

That book was not on the shelves so I picked out another Caldwell with the intriguing title “God’s Little Acre”.  It was not until I was back at home that I noticed that this book was not by Taylor Caldwell, but by Erskine Caldwell.

Published in 1933, “God’s Little Acre” is a searing tale of the lives of poor farmers in Georgia, and textile mill workers in North Carolina.  It’s a raw and tough tale which still has the power to shock 77 years after it was published.

I am glad that I was not paying attention when I borrowed this powerful novel from our library, for I was utterly engaged with this book by Erskine (rather than Taylor) Caldwell.  It’s a novel whose themes are far from being historic.  They are being lived out in many a poor rural community even today.


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