Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Sensible news ... Sam's Club... Stilton Cheese

1.      Not all the news is bad!  See for example

2.      I have mixed feelings about “Sam’s Club”, (part of the Walmart Empire).

Re: Walmart.  On the one hand the big box Walmart stores have driven many local “Mom and Pop” out of business.  On the other hand, when a Walmart store is located in a smallish and poor rural town, the residents of that town are enabled to purchase food, clothing, electronics, appliances etc at decently low prices.

Re: Sam’s Club.  This is the semi-wholesale division of Walmart where people can buy essential items in bulk, e.g. 48 rolls of toilet paper, or 10lbs of chicken, or 96 rolls of paper towel, at a good price.

“Sam’s Club” also enables (for example) local Convenience Store proprietors or Cafe owners (etc) to buy essential and re-saleable items at reasonable prices.

I sometimes shop at Sam’s Club because its’ very plump and juicy “Rotisserie Chicken” is better than any that I can buy in the local supermarkets; and also because Sam’s Club one of the few places around here where I can buy Fair Trade Coffee.

It is impossible to be “Simon Pure”.  (I will leave you to look up the reference to “Simon Pure”)

3.      Who would/could not enjoy Stilton Cheese?  It is a Blue Cheese right up there in the Pantheon alongside Roquefort, Gorgonzola or Danish Blue. 

One of my local markets stocks “Stilton” which is crafted in the town of Ilchester in the County of Somerset – very near to my native city of Bristol, U.K.

Damn it is expensive cheese.  Even more damn it is delicious!

A sliver of Ilchester Stilton with a bit of apple, pear, or cantaloupe is a dessert to die for!


  1. John, you've left out the essential ingredient in the gastronomic holly trinity, Ilchester Stilton, fresh apple, and a glass of good red wine!

  2. No, your both missing a trick here, try Stilton, grapes & a very cold,very dry cider!!