Friday, 22 October 2010


Yesterday my pal Ben and I went to what we still call the “Dollar Movie House” here in Sarasota.   It is a cinema at which Sarasotans can attend matinee viewings of “a month or so older movies” for the princely sum of $1.50.  

‘tis a bargain for those of us who can  happily say “fie” upon the local and expensive premieres of new movies, even though the admission price at the “Dollar Movie House” is now a buck and a half!

We elected to view the Swedish/American film   

Both Ben and I recoiled in the face of so much graphic violence in the film.  We each also thought that the plot was laboured and slow moving.

I dozed off a couple of times.

After 90 minutes Ben nudged me. We agreed that we’d “had enough”. So we split, deciding to forego the denouement of this all too violent but slow moving film.

An early scene from the film has remained in my mind.  The setting was a lovely, immaculate, and beautifully furnished Swedish sitting room.  In the background was a gorgeous sofa on which was placed a “Dole” banana box.

The banana box had nothing to do with the movie’s plot.  Indeed it was out of place in an otherwise elegant room

It was an incongruous and odd example of “product placement”.

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