Saturday, 23 October 2010

This, that

One of my local fundamentalist Churches has a billboard with messages which often cause me to sigh, swear, or despair.

Last week this Church (the Sarasota “Fellowship of Believers”) had a sign which I liked.  It read “Build a bridge and get over it”.  That made sense to me!

It got very cold here last winter, and not a few of my plantings were “done in” by the minus 32 degrees Fahrenheit temps.  After that cold we moved very quickly into above average summer temperatures, with high humidity.  Now (in late October) the temps have settled down.  We are in the mid-70’s F, and there is a good breeze.  Today I drank coffee and read a book as I relaxed on my Lanai.  This is Florida at its best!

My dog Penne is as bright as they come.  When I say “let’s go in the car” she dances and prances, she sings and yips, she races around with irrational exuberance, until I open the back doors of my car.   


Thereupon she leaps into the car, and displays such behaviours which lead me to believe that dogs were made for cars and cars were made for dogs.   


Isn’t evolution grand!



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  1. Yes, I agree.

    My sweet Tara (chocolate lab) is the same way!