Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Such is life

1. Lamb is very expensive right now.  This is just as well as it’s not the best meat for my healthy eating regime.   But I could not resist a chop which was on sale for just $1.50.  I grilled it and ate it all at one sitting.

2. Regular readers will know of my delight in Fava Beans (known in the U.K. as “Broad Beans”). They are hard to come by, so I scooped up a couple of pounds when I spotted them for sale at a decent price at “Whole Foods”.  I’ll eat ‘em tonight with a bit of broiled catfish.

3. You know those metals posts which are often painted yellow and are placed to prevent drivers from running into gas/petrol pumps,  or to prevent car driving thieves from ramrod-ing convenience stores. 

Those very same posts have a nasty habit of moving out of place and scraping themselves along the sides of my car.

4. I placed a ‘phone call to the (Episcopal) Church Pension Fund today.  The agent provided excellent service, but I had to “hold on” whilst she researched the answer to my question.  The back ground music was  - believe it or not -  Christmas music.  I suppose that the Church has to get ahead of Wal-Mart!

5.  Do any other readers still use the word “whilst”?   Do any other readers still include    before words such as ‘bus and ‘phone?  




  1. In the South (of England) we are still "Posh", whilst in the North they say Tit'phone & Tit'bus

  2. I assumed "whilst" and the bus/phone apostrophe were British-English idioms. --Megan

  3. Who is Megan to say the "English are Idioms" crickey she can't even spell it!!