Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Nobody knows the trouble I see

On Wednesdays each week I facilitate a prayer service for some of the homeless people who arrive at “Resurrection House” - a day shelter in Sarasota.

I never preach. Instead I lead my homeless friends in a silent meditation on scripture. Then I encourage us to express our own prayers - silently or aloud.  This we do as we light a tea-light, or a candle.

For reasons which care “beyond my ken” I broke from my own precedent today.  I asked the six strong congregation to join me in song.  

We sang “Nobody knows the trouble I see”.  As we sang, so the tears ran down the face of a young man who’d joined our tiny congregation. 

He needed to weep.   Our song had touched a place deep within him.  I responded to his tears with a firm but safe hug.

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