Bishop Gene Robinson (2)

Bishop Gene Robinson presided and preached at this morning’s 9:00 a.m. St. Boniface Eucharist.  We were just about at seating capacity!

Here a couple of points from his sermon:

1. He reminded us that because of death threats, he had to wear a bullet proof vest for his consecration as bishop, (as did Barbara Harris, the first female bishop in the anglican communion).  This disturbed his two daughters (from his first marriage) very greatly.

Gene said to those daughters “there is something which is worse than death.  It is not having lived (fully)”.

2. Bishop Robinson also said  “Jesus does not need any admirers. Jesus calls us to be disciples”.


These powerful words challenged my own faith. 

1. I am not sure that I have lived as fully as God intends.  I am ever susceptible to pride and to fear.

2. I know that I am far more likely to admire the teachings of Jesus, than to make them the lodestar of my life.


Having said that, I report that it was a wonderful eucharist. I was privileged to be a part of the body of Christ at St. B’s this morning  -  glad that the parish at which I hang my hat is filled with people who welcome all of God’s children.

As I stood at the altar I noted that I was standing with one bishop, seven priests, and one deacon.  I mused thus:

The bishop and one of the priests  (moi) are “openly” gay.  Another of the priests is female and glad to be married.  The other four (male)  priests are  also happily married.

I know that pride is considered to be a sin, so I’ll simply say that this morning I was happy to be a christian in the episcopal church tradition.

P.S.  the “intimate and exclusive” reception for bishop Robinson and sixty St. Boniface members last evening was a joyful event.

(1) As Gene Robinson and I reminisced we came to the conclusion that we have known and  respected each other since 1982.

(2) I had never thought that sushi could become part of my diet.  But the sushi which was available as part of last evening’s reception was delicious.  I “gobbled it down” with enjoyment and delight.  (It’s never too late to learn!)


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