Saturday, 5 February 2011

Tapioca Pudding and the Super Bowl.

Our local supermarkets have been crowded and busy these past few days. This puzzled me as we are not in “hurricane season”, nor are we in the snow and ice belt. 

Then it dawned on me.  This is “Super Bowl” weekend, the highest of American High Holy Days. 

It’s central to American belief that one should invite at least 75 of one’s closest friends to gorge on junk food, drink gallons of beer, and maybe watch the game on one’s new 185” flat screen. Tomorrow the Pittsburg Steelers will meet the Green Bay Packers in Dallas.  They play what is quaintly known as “American Fooball”.

I am a heretic and will not be partying or watching the game. I might have had a slight and theoretical interest in the Super Bowl had the New England Patriots been involved, but other than that I think that American Football (and most other professional sports) are about as fascinating as cold tapioca pudding.

(But even cynics such as I hold a bit of respect for the Packers.  Green Bay (in Wisconsin) is a city with about 100,000 residents, and the team is publicly owned.  It’s fairly cool that a team which is based in a small city, and does not have a money-bags owner is now in contention in this premier (American) Football game.)

Meanwhile my friend Derrick Jackson, a columnist at the Boston Globe, raises some important questions about (American) Football.  See

And another friend, Bob Ginn, posted this lovely cartoon about men and (televised) sports.

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