Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Feminism? YEAH!

Despite the abundance of  “news” which is available to us via radio, television, the internet, twitter et al,  we sometimes have to dig deep to find new stories which never make the headlines.  Thanks to a fairly cool website called Episcopal Café I was able to track down these two items.

The first  (from National Public Radio) might help us each to understand that there is no monolithic Islam, and that a secular state such as Tunisia (with an overwhelming majority Muslim population)  might indeed have something to teach us about feminism.


(You may have to "cut and paste" this link into your browser)

The inner feminist in me was also delighted to read the following article from the Irish Times, which is published in the overwhelmingly Roman Catholic Republic of Ireland.


(You may have to "cut and paste" this link into your browser)

You’ll probably not see these stories on the Fox News network in the United States,  or in the Sun Newspaper in the United Kingdom.  Rupert Murdoch, the ghastly “boss” at both Fox and the Sun, is not known for his deep insights, or liberal sympathies.

But, hell! -   neither have I seen such important articles in the more liberal British and American newspapers, (e.g.  the Guardian from London, or the Times from New York).

I am just saying!

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