Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Jane Dunning/The Blizzard of 2011/The London Daily Mirror/Sally Caulfield

This photo' was taken earlier today  (2nd February 2011).  It was taken by a State Trooper at exit 2 on I 93 in New Hampshire.

My good colleague Jane Dunning posted it on her facebook page.  It intrigued me because quite apart from the drama of the photo' itself, I know that part of I 93 very well -  it being about 25 miles up the road from where I lived in Medford, MA.  I re-posted the photo' on my facebook page.

A bit later in the day I checked in on the U.K. site of Google News to see if it carried any up to date news about the  situation in Egypt.

My attention was drawn to an unrelated story about the inept British Premier David Cameron on the London "Daily Mirror" newspaper website.

"Lo and behold" (!) the picture was already posted to the Mirror's web-page.

I became aware (again) of the smallness and interconnectedness of our electronically linked "village"  (a.k.a. "the World").  Within just a few hours of it being taken by a N.H. State Trooper a "neat" photo' could be viewed in a British newspaper.  We are all now villagers.

Sally Caulfield?   She's a good pal, now living in North Redington Beach, FL who saw the photo' from my facebook entry.  She lived for many years in Beverly, MA.  The picture triggered her memories of trips from Massachusetts into New Hampshire.

Welcome all to the parish pump!

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