Monday, 7 March 2011

Big Olaf pre-Lenten indulgence

I have been driving over to Sarasota's  Mennonite/Amish enclave called
"Pinecraft" for not a few months, to get some fresh and inexpensive produce at Yoder's Market.

My pal Ben had never been there until today when I introduced him to Yoder's.  He was well pleased with the fruit and vegetables that he purchased.

Next door to Yoder's is the "Big Olaf" Ice Cream parlour.   We wandered there and each enjoyed a huge ice-cream cone.  Mine was "orange and pineapple" flavour. Ben's was "white chocolate with strwberries".

"Big Olaf" makes a mean ice-cream.  In other words -  it is great stuff. 

I enjoyed every lick and bite -  all the more so because this was the first bit of ice-cream I'd eaten in much more than a year. (I do not have a well-honed sweet-tooth).

This was for me a delicious pre-Lenten indulgence!

Sarasota (FL), of all places, has a thriving Amish/Mennonite population. We are very used to seeing Amish folks on their big tricycles  (more suitable to an urban environment than their traditional "horse and buggy" means of transportation).

Our local newspaper had a story today about this.  Maybe it will interest you:


Meanwhile, I have sworn off ice cream.  That's no great sacrifice for me.

But my indulgence this afternoon -   that huge ice-cream cone - was a rare treat, and it was delicious to the last lick!

And here is the Big Olaf website  (those Mennonites are "tech-savvy"!)

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