Thursday, 10 March 2011

Liver and Beethoven (and a follow up to Grrr!)

Follow up to "Grrr" (from two days ago)

All out of the blue my Rector told me yesterday morning that St. Boniface would pay the airfare for my trip to Sewanee, on the basis that I will be officially representing the parish in visiting our seminarian Wayne Farrell and his wife Trish!

How very cool!


In town this week are my New Hampshire friends Pat and Jack McLaughlin  (they were parishioners in Pittsfield before they retired to N.H.)

We attended a very fine Symphony Concert  (more about  that later in the week).

Beforehand we dined out.  I went off all my healthy eating habits and ate liver, bacon, and onions with french fries.   That was the first bit of liver I've eaten in at least five years.   It was so goooood!

(The concert was all music by Beethoven.  That was gooood too!)

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