Wednesday, 9 March 2011

"National Security - a myth" (or "Are you listening President Obama?")

Sir Winston Churchill said this about the foreign policy of the Soviet Union: “Soviet Union foreign policy is a puzzle inside a riddle wrapped in an enigma”.

The same should be said of the “national security” costs in these United States.

It is almost impossible to “suss out” our annual budget for national security, but if the following article is anywhere near the truth it is enormous.


In the meantime, Republicans in the House of Representatives wish to cut some $42 billion from programmes which aid the poor.

… they are also determined to obliviate or hobble the modest reforms to our dysfunctional American health care system (the reforms which have been passed by Congress, but which the Tea Party crew deride as “Obamacare”)

…. meanwhile in many of our 50 States Republican Governors want to slash spending for education; for health care (Medicaid); and for state employee pensions (which in truth are no more than deferred and earned compensation).

So, if the Tea Party/Republican reformers have their way we shall continue to spend huge dollars for national security.

But the poor, the sick, the retirees, the educators, and the school-children will be shafted.

I ask: “what the heck will national security mean if our seniors are reduced to poverty; our sick, frail and ill denied medical care; and our children are ill-educated or un-educated?”

These are just my thoughts about the myths of “national security”.

Are you listening President Obama?

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