Saturday, 5 March 2011

Cyber-terrorism and my "what if?"

I think that it was about 100 years ago that my sister-in-law Wendy decided to earn some “pin money” by delivering telephone directories.

Well, maybe it was more like 20 years ago, but I happened to be on holiday in England at that time, and I spent some time with Wendy and my brother Martyn lugging those books and delivering them to every home in a local neighbourhood. It was not an easy task.

I was reminded of this when earlier I saw the photo’ which I have posted below.

“Point well taken”. Indeed, who uses a ‘phone directory these days?

“We” get all this information from the internet, not from a book!

Fewer and fewer of us have land lines, thus we have little use for a ’phone book.

As a case in point - I have a “Skype” internet ‘phone (VOIP), and a mobile ‘phone - but no land line.

All well and good, but I have a concern. I ask “what if cyber-terrorists were able to disable the internet, voip, and mobile ‘phone systems?”

Would we then regret our lack of old fashioned land-lines and ‘phone books?

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