Thursday, 3 March 2011

Republican liars and obfuscators

At least two of the potential Republican candidates in the 2012 American Presidential election are liars. (At least two).

Governor Haley Barbour of Mississippi is one such fibber and obfuscator.

He asserted a couple of day ago that the Obama administration would not be happy until gas (petrol) prices in the U.S.A. reached $9 per gallon, so that the public would be “forced” to buy energy efficient auto’s.

This assertion is a bit of Republican “creative fantasy”, designed to scare voters.

The “at the pump” price of gas/petrol is determined by a number of factors such as:

(a) the decisions of producer Nations as to how much oil to pump at any given time,

(b) the mystical and un-scientific “futures market” which projects future supply and demand, (did you see how prices rose at the mere threat of an interruption in supplies from Libya),

(c) decisions made by refiners, distributors and retailers of gas/petrol,

(d) the choices which consumers make about how much gas/petrol they can afford.

(e) the rates of taxation on retail prices of gas/petrol as determined by governments.

Of the above possibilities only (e) is one which could be determined by the President - but only if and when he could persuade the American Congress to go along with increased taxes.

I ask:

“does anyone in their right mind believe that President Obama could persuade the current Congress to increase retail gas taxes so that the pump price in the U.S.A would reach $9 per gallon?”

“does Haley Barbour believe so?”.

Of course Governor Barbour knows that no President could propose such a huge tax increase and get it passed by Congress. Yet he continues to assert his nonsense about $9 per gallon gas.

The tragedy is that many American voters will be swayed by Barbour’s lies and obfuscations.

As will others, who believe another possible presidential contender, Mike Huckabee, who asserts that our President was raised in Kenya.  More about him tomorrow.

(None of this is to suggest that my prefered Democratic Party is "Simon Pure".  I believe that it is is "least worst party").

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