Monday, 23 May 2011

Reading to animals

As I was reading this afternoon I began to giggle.  Not because of the reading matter, but because Penne, Ada and Adelaide were each sitting near my feet, looking up at me with expectant gazes.

I think that they wanted me to read aloud to them, but since my book is a biography of Tom Paine I feared that such reading would incite them to demand some rights, or lapse into deism.

Please send me your suggestions for “reading aloud to animals”. (no not “Animal Farm” for goodness sake!


  1. All Creatures Great & Small ( AKA All Creatures Grunt & Smell ) by James Herriot

  2. The subject matter depends on the species you are reading to. For example, it would be uncaring to read "101 Dalmatians" to a cat who would, no doubt, find the very concept of 101 dogs extremely distasteful.

    Dogs like to listen to any stories that involve food.

    Cats like revenge thrillers.

  3. Jack London seems to be an author particularly suitable for dogs what about, The Sea Wolf, White Fang or even The Call of the Wild.

    Or the title that I think somes up a dogs optimisim, "Great Expectations" (Charles Dickens)