Thursday, 26 May 2011

Red hair, and lots of it 1964

I am never shy about telling people when it is my birthday.  I try to celebrate it to the max.  Today I’ve been blessed to preside at St. Boniface’s 10:00 a.m. and to have lunch with my Cambridge friend Mary Caulfield who is visiting her parents in nearby North Redington Beach, FL.  This evening I went out for dinner with some of my Sarasota friends.  I ate a wonderfully juicy burger (without a bun)  and delicious sweet potato fries.

Thank you so much for many Facebook greetings, e-cards and snail-mail cards.  Terrific!

My Pittsfield friend Betsy is extremely creative with her photo-shopped greeting cards.  She sent me this one today -  a composite of Ada, Adelaide and Penne on the couch, and a 20 year old John Michael Povey – who then had lots of very red hair  (Lord alone knows where Betsy got that particular photo’).  Betsy also included a bit of a picture she had taken of a Hong Kong Orchid Tree blossom, which she had taken on one of her visits to SRQ.

What a neat and creative card!

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