Monday, 27 June 2011


1.  1.   (See yesterday’s blog).  Today I checked my emergency supplies: stuff which I have set aside in the event of a hurricane.  My camping stove, flashlights, candles and matches are all present and in good order.  I have ample supplies of canned goods. I need to set aside foodstuffs for the dog and cats.

2.   2. Those of us who live in south Florida tend to get obsessive about rainfall.  I am happy to announce that it is raining good and hard this evening.

3.   3.  In the absence of a Rector I am the “priest on call” this week for St. Boniface Church.  Thus far there have been no emergencies, but it is good to be needed.

4.    4. It was not an emergency, but I shared Holy Communion at the hospital this morning with an elderly parishioner who had undergone surgery on Saturday 25th June 2011. His gratitude was palpable.  Sometime it’s just the “little things” which count.

5.    5. My closest family members and friends know that I have never been a pet crazy person. 
 Nonetheless I am now the proud “owner” of two cats and a dog.  I “adore” the two cats.   

AAnd I am “over-the-board” in my care for, and affection of my dog Penne.  She is so loving, so feisty, and so responsive to me.  It’s very hard to imagine life without her presence in our home.

6. 6.    I continue to be annoyed, immensely saddened, and disappointed with the performance of our U.S.A. president, Barack H. Obama He seems to be all too eager to give in to the libertarian, tea party and republican bullies in the Congress.(*)

He needs to grasp that they are not nice people. 

He needs to take the high ground in defence of America’s poor and oppressed people.

That’s it for tonight.

(*) three words added after the orginal post

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