Wednesday, 29 June 2011


In the “Department of Memory” I recall some of the sweets/candies which were my favourites 60 years ago.

Many of them are still sold in the U.K. and other places.  But I bet that they are not as good nowadays as we thought them to be all those years ago.

U.K. readers and/or U.K. expatriates may wish to respond with details of their favourite sweets from “all them years ago”.

Fry's Turkish Delight ( one of my mother's favourites)

Used to be Fry's (not Cadbury) Crunchie Bar
Everton Mints
Mint Imperiials or Imperial Mints
Fry's "Five Boys" Chocolate
Liquorice Allsorts


  1. How could you leave out "Spangles"

  2. We can purchase all the above confectionary in England, although Spangles disappeared years ago. Our main bugbear is the Americanisation of the names of our sweets. The horribly named "Snickers" used to be "Marathon bars" in England and "Starburst" used to be "Opal Fruits," for example.