Thursday, 30 June 2011

Sweets (2)

Mad Priest and/or anon commented on  my omission of “Spangles” as I recalled some of the sweets/candies of my childhood and youth.

How could I have forgotten “Spangles” – a hard “fruit flavoured” sweet?  It was always a toss-up as to whether I would suck them to extinction, or crunch them up -  doing dreadful damage to my teeth in the process.  I am told that they are no longer manufactured.

As I recalled “Spangles” my mind went to other favourites of my younger days.

The Rowntree Company gave us both Fruit Pastilles and Fruit Gums.  The Pastilles were juicier, but the Gums lasted longer.

We had “sherbet” based sweets, of which my parents disapproved.  

There were Sherbet Fountains. We sucked up the sherbet powder through a liquorice straw.  From time to time the powder would slink up our noses, causing us to sneeze.

And which British and Commonwealth citizen can forget “Flying Saucers” -  a sweet in which we allowed the outer coating to dissolve in our mouths, thus releasing the tingling powder.

Even “Refreshers” were sherbet based.

We ate Tiger Nuts, Sweet Tobacco, Coconut Mushrooms and Fruit Salad (of which the chewy ones were for me far better than the hard ones).

Thanks to the internet I can buy most of the above sweets today on-line.

I most likely will not so do.  For I suspect that the memories of these sweets are better than the sweets themselves.

Please note the second "Spangles" picture, dating from the Coronation of QE II in 1953.   It's a plausible (lol) explanation for my sexuality (!)
Flying Saucers
Tiger Nuts
Fruit Pastilles

1953 Spangles ad.    Did they make me "go gay" and be the "fruitiest" (lol)

Wine gums

Fruit Gums

Coconut mushrooms

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  1. On that basis you didn't mention if you ever liked Liquorice Allsorts!