Sunday, 31 July 2011

All I want is a cup of coffee

5:15 a.m. Sunday 31st July 2011

I am in my screened in porch.  Day has not broken, but there is enough ambient light for me to re-enter life after a good night’s sleep.  I am ready to enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee. That’s all I need for now.

"Junior cat” Adelaide sways through the darkness and presents herself at my feet. 

She utters not a polite “miaow”. Her tone is more insistent, with a demanding “bleah”. 

“Bleah” means that I must caress her.

That I do.

Then, from some far off place in the semi darkness, “senior cat” Ada gets the drift and comes to my feet. She also demands my caresses. I am happy to oblige.

We are on a roll.

My delightful dog Penne is in another room. She senses that I am fussing over the cats.   She (wanting a bit of the action) presents herself (in particular her haunches) for a bit of scratching from me, her “Daddy”.

I oblige Penne, and easily satisfied, she wanders back to her bed.

“Senior cat” Ada remembers that she has a crush on Penne.  So she wanders off to snuggle up to her canine pal.

Penne does not reciprocate this crush.  She’s very sweet about it, but after eight or so minutes she can “bear it no more”.  She moves away to another sleeping place, only to discover that Ada has followed her.

Penne returns to my side.  I caress her yet one more time.

She relaxes.

I drink cold coffee.

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