Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Tea Party hypocrisy (and danger)


“Following the House, the Senate will hold a series of “pro forma” sessions over the next month, effectively blocking President Barack Obama from making any appointments during Congress’ August recess. 

That means Obama won’t be able to seat his pick to lead the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, former Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray, whose nomination Republicans have vowed to oppose until Obama makes changes watering down the agency’s authority.

After passing the debt limit legislation on Monday, House leaders announced they would hold pro forma sessions through August, a procedural move that forced the Senate to follow suit. The Constitution requires that for either chamber to take more than a three-day break, the other chamber must give its approval.”
  (from Politico)


So the opponents of government spending, yes indeed those “patriotic and anti-taxation”  Tea Party, Libertarian and Republican members of the House of Representatives, have decided that rather than call the usual recess, the House will hold  pro-forma sessions every three days in August, in order to block possible recess appointments by the President.

How much will this cost “we the people” who will be forced to fund for these pro-forma sessions from the taxes we pay?  Wouldn’t it be fairer if the House majority paid for these sessions from their own private funds?

The Senate, following the Constitution, has to fall in line with this lunacy.

Meanwhile, Tea Party ideology in the House has led to a a refusal to fund the Federal Aviation Authority.  Some 4,000 F.A.A. employees have been furloughed without pay.  Some 70,000 hard working Americans have been laid off from their F.A.A. funded construction jobs.

"To hell with public safety" seems to be the mantra of the dangerously radical right which controls the House of Representatives.

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