Wednesday, 27 July 2011

And I say to myself "What a wonderful world:

1.    I had a long and good “Skype” conversation with my good pal Joe S.  He got me up to speed with news of his partner Marliese, their very young son Raphael, and of his career. It was all good.

2.    Nancy called to tell me of the death of her good mother Diane S.  I have known Diane since about 1992, and was able to be present to her husband Don S. in his illness and death when they owned a restaurant in Chatham, N.Y. and Don was a patient at the (Pittsfield, MA) Berkshire Medical Centre.

In due course Diane S. moved down to Englewood, FL (some 30 miles from my home).  I’ve been able to visit with her in recent years – and our visits made it clear that we were very fond of each other.  I last saw her on 2th July 2011 and was able to pray with her in anticipation of her death.  I will be honoured to preside at her memorial service on Sunday 31st July 2011.

3.    My visit to Resurrection House (a day shelter for homeless people here in Sarasota) was as wonderful as ever.  I was able to pray with three people whose life prospects are dim, but whose hopes are undiminished in the face of dreadful adversity.

4.    My very good pal Ben and I had lunch with the equally wonderful Ron and Charlotte T.  It was a feast, with an amazingly good salad, topped with grilled tuna.  I am so grateful for the friendship of Ben, and of Ron and Charlotte.

5.    I had a lovely and funny e-mail from my niece Laura in England. I had mailed her a silly little gift.  She caught the humour of my gift, and expressed her giggly gratitude, even as she teased me by suggesting that I had “pinched” the gift from Ben’s home. (In fact he had given it to me to mail to Laura).

6.    My favourite clerk/assistant in a local store is young man named Sebastian.  He seemed to be below par this morning.    I asked about his apparent sadness.  He told me that his best friend had been murdered.  I wanted to hug him, but it’s just not done to hug shop clerks/assistants.  So I will pray for him.

7.    Such is life. Here are two pics via my friend Muriel.  She and I ask:-“Would you rather have a child or a dog!”


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