Friday, 29 July 2011

Prayer and silence

“Let thy soul walk soft within thee,
as a saint in heaven unshod.
For to be alone in silence
is to be alone with God"

At some other time I told the Rector of a parish that I would not be attending a pot-luck supper because I didn't want a “certain person" to sit near to me.  I offered “no names, and no pack drills".

That Rector immediately offered a name.  He was “spot on".

It's not that I dislike the person.  But she has an annoying habit of breaking in to others' conversations without invitation;  and of trying to dominate the conversation with her “wisdom".

I can sometimes “put up with her" (for indeed I am sometimes like her!), but on that particular day I was bereft of patience and did not want her insistent company.

Maybe God is like that with our prayers.  Maybe God sometimes wants us to shut up; not to interrupt, and not to dominate the conversation.

Do you think that God would sometimes like to get a word in edgewise?  Do you suppose that God would sometimes wish that we would simply listen?

Tomorrow  “If we listened how might we hear, and what would we hear?"

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