Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Today's musings

1.  It’s cooled down a bit here in South West Florida.  (at 7:40 p.m. its 70f/21c -  that’s cool here).  Penne and I have been able to resume our longer walks.  We did over five miles today.

2.  Ginny C is an older woman (in her 90’s) who lives down the street.

  I  do no more than to take her newspaper from her driveway each morning and place it on a chair outside her front-door; and to take her trash and recycling bins back to her car port after the weekly collections. She is so grateful for this that you’d think that I’d accomplished some enormous and onerous task.

Ginny is so frail that you’d believe that a puff of wind would ground her.

Her legal Guardian stopped by today to let me know that Ginny had been moved to a Nursing  – by Court Order -  (for her own well being) since she is unable to fend for herself.  

This was a move that Ginny dreaded.

On one hand I am glad that the law can be invoked to give protection to the frail elderly.  On the other hand I know that Ginny would have preferred to die at home. 

I fear that the Nursing Home will seek to prolong her life -  which by her own admission is entirely boring and has little meaning.

3.  As is usual I led the weekly prayer service at Resurrection House this morning. Our little Chapel was filled to overflowing. There was such a sense of need, and such a sense of hope in that room that I got to be very teary.  My tears are often a sign of the presence of the Holy One.

4.  Later in the day my friends Gordon and John called to invite me to share in a glass of wine and some nibbles. I was glad to accept. Friends Bob and Ben were also there.  

I   have a sense of gratitude that I am not alone (as is Ginny), nor am I homeless (as are my friends at Resurrection House).

5.  I have been invited to form a Government in Greece.  My new name will be Poveanopolous.  Just kidding.

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