Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Ain't evolution wonderful.

As Penne and I walked this morning we came across a wonderful sight.  

There they were; two gorgeous woodpeckers.

We watched as they hopped up and down a tree trunk, always in synch with each other, and often playing “peek-a-boo” from either side of the trunk.

It was a joyous and delightful sight.  The birds seemed to be utterly oblivious to our presence.

About then my friend Bill came by, having a workout on his in-line skates (which he does every morning).   Bill is a “techie".  He had his I-phone at the ready and took the following photo’.  

One of the woodpeckers is clearly visible on the left, and you can see a bit of the other on the right.  (It was difficult to take a photo’ as the birds rarely rested from their dance).

Good photo’ or not, it was a splendid moment.

As Bill skated away I cried out “ain’t evolution wonderful”.  It was a serious comment. Bill concurred.

As a Christian I see no conflict between the biblical accounts of “creation” and the scientific accounts of evolution.

On the contrary, it seems utterly plausible to me that the Creator God who (according to the bible)  gives humans the ability to choose, should also “build in” to every bit of matter the chance to “chose” between life, growth, change and advancement --  or death and extinction.

I relished every moment of the woodpecker dance which I saw this morning.  

It was a joy in and of itself, and a powerful endorsement of creation via evolution.

Woodpeckers - Bill's photo' from this morning.

Pilated Woodpecker  (from the web)

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  1. If you see a Woodpecker with no beek, it'll be a "Headbanger"