Saturday, 18 February 2012

A good day, and a belly laugh at the supermarket

Wow!  What a good day.

After walking with Penne a couple of times this morning I shopped for some good produce (parsnips, green peppers, sweet onions, egg plant, parsley, tomatoes, spinach etc.) at our local Mennonite owned fruit and vegetable market.

Next I took out some old and tired shrubs from my garden, planted some new hibiscuses, thinned out and transplanted some oyster plants, then dug in some good cow manure, and spread some mulch.

After lunch (a bowl of my home made cabbage and tomato soup) I settled down to listen to the Metropolitan Opera’s live production of  Rossini’s “The Barber of Seville” broadcasted on our local Public Broadcasting Station.

Even as I listened to the Opera I continued to read John Updike’s 1974 novel “A Month of Sundays”.

Opera over I made another batch of Baba Ganoush – a healthy enough snack which I will munch on a bit of sliced and toasted baguette.

Dinner was a stir fry with onion, green pepper, parsnip and carrot (these two first par-boiled) and a bit of chicken.

As I cut up and prepared the veggies I listened again to classical music on the PBS radio station.  It was a treat, with the Pittsburgh Symphony playing this music

BRAHMS: Piano Concerto No. 1

BRAHMS: Symphony No. 1

Oh the joys of retirement.

Not only joy, but also a belly laugh.

Late in the afternoon I zoomed down to my local Sweet Bay Supermarket to pick up a bit of cheese and a few other items.

My clerk/cashier was Grahame.   He is a high school student aged about 16 or 17.  Grahame is more than  6’ tall and is always enthusiastic and even joyful about his work. He has a quick wit.  

Sweet Bay workers wear green shirts so I always call Grahame “the Jolly Green Giant” which he likes.  [“Jolly Green Giant” is a brand name in these United States] 

Today Grahame asked me about my face, and the mess caused by the CARAC cream which I have to use to destroy some pre-cancerous cells.

I explained this to him, and added “it’s an awful mess”.

Without a blink he responded with his innate wit, by saying “but it brings out your eyes”.

I laughed like a madman. 

I love quick wit, and never more than when it comes from a youngster.

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