Friday, 31 August 2012

And like a good neighbour (3)

“As I walked out....” is the title of a wonderful book by Laurie Lee, an author who was born in Stroud, Glos, U.K. and raised in nearby Slad, Glos.

Laurie Lee is also the author of a fabulous memoir “Cider with Rosie”. It’s a must read.

As I (jmp) walked out with my fabulous dog (Penne) a couple of nights ago we encountered my neighbour Edie and her miniature poodle “Lady”.  Joining them was another neighbour Randi, who is a dog trainer and has three most gorgeous sheep dogs, which were not with her the other night.

Our paths often cross, but we chat at a distance, knowing that Penne is skittish around other dogs (except her boy-friend “Basil” a lovely Shar-pei, and her new friend “Chardonnay” a gorgeous golden retriever).

On this occasion Edie extended Lady’s leash, so much so that Lady got very close to Penne.

A scuffle ensued.

After just a few seconds poor Lady ran whimpering back to her “Mom” -  my Penne had bitten her.

 I felt so badly about this, even though Edie immediately said “it’s my fault; I let her get too close”.

The bite was not severe, but it punctured Lady’s skin which began to bleed.

The next morning I stopped by Edie’s home, to check on Lady and to give Edie some flowers as an expression of my regret.  Lady was just fine.

Later in the day I received this e-mail:

Lady loves the flowers.
Thank you for your thoughtfulness.
Tell Penny we understand she was just being a dog.

 How lovely. Neighbours can be neighbourly.

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