Tuesday, 28 August 2012

And like a good neighbour

I was trying to install one of those gizmos which we place on the walls of our garages etc. in order to hang tools, brooms, shovels, rakes etc.

If these gizmos have a name it has escaped me, but readers will know that they are metal strips which contain several clips into which we insert the handles of our tools.

I encountered a problem.

 The inner walls in my utility room are insubstantial, made as they are of wallboard.

This flimsy construction means that I must use “toggle bolts” to affix such strips to the wall.

“O ye toggle bolts – ye are so difficult to use”

That' s what I discovered earlier in the week.

Fortunately a neighbour was nearby.  I know him to be very practical and “handy with tools”.

I asked him to help me.

He responded readily.

But he did not “help me”.

Instead he showed me how to install  toggle bolts,.

How cool.

My request for “help” was transformed into a bit of learning.

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