Saturday, 1 September 2012

Living in the future

I have a behavioural habit which frustrates, bothers, and annoys me.

It’s this: - whatever I am doing, I am always thinking about the next thing I have to do.

For instance:  as I walk my dog in the early morning I often think about what I need to do when we return to my home.

 “What I need to do” is rarely urgent or important.

Once, when I was driving home from the supermarket I caught myself thinking about the order in which I would I would take my purchases from the bags  and place them in the fridge, the pantry, or the utility room shelves.

Sometimes, when I am in Church I am not paying attention to the liturgy or sermon – instead I am figuring out the quickest route back to my home.

And, as I am falling asleep I am forever thinking about what I need to do when I awake.

None of this is admirable. Nor should it be emulated.

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