Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The shitty tricks of lying Republicans,

1. For readers outside of the U.K..  We have what is called “early voting” in these United States.

2. .In Florida this means that we could vote in the General Election staring last Saturday (27th Oct 2012).

3. I decided to do so today, mostly because the Florida/Sarasota County ballot included so many initiatives that the ballot covered four pages.

It seemed wiser to vote today than to stand in long lines on Election Day itself (Nov 6th).

I voted at Sarasota’s North Library in Newtown.

There were no long lines, but there was a steady stream of voters.

4. Non-Americans will be surprised to learn that there were six or seven choices for President/Vice President.

My conscience urged me to vote for the Green Party candidates. My temporising self prevailed and I voted for our current leaders, who have disappointed me on so many levels, (chiefly the immoral “drones” which kill so many hapless children in Muslim lands).

5. But better Obama/Biden than Romney/Ryan (who like the British leaders Cameron and Clegg seem to have no other convictions than that they should be in power)

6. In FLORIDA our legislature is dominated by Repuglicans. (Governor/Senate/House).

7. The Repugs have offered 12 amendments to the Florida Constitution.

8. Some of the proposed amendments had to do with adjustments to our property taxes. I voted against these amendments on the basis that taxation rates should be based on local needs, not on Repubglican ideology and certainly not as Constitutional amendments.

9. Much more dangerously the Florida Repuglicans want us to vote to “recall” three Florida Supreme Justices whose rulings have offended Repubglican sensitivities.  This is bullshite, against which I had to vote.  Thanks be to goodness a very conservative blog has “ruled” that these three Justices are not “liberal activists”, and that they should be retained. May it so be, If not, justice in FL will be held hostage to the obscenely rich Repuglicans,

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