Thursday, 1 November 2012

Melbourne (AU) memories

If I had any choice in the matter I would live in the Parkville area of Melbourne, AU.

There I would own a single story “Victorian” house.

I’d take the local tram down to the Queen Victoria Market every day to buy fresh produce, fish and meat.

The same tram would take me to within walking distance of St. Paul’s Anglican Cathedral for Evensong.

I could walk over to Trinity College for a splendid lecture on some aspect of theology, or to rejoice in the great music of the Trinity College Choir.

Ah well. Sarasota is not too bad (opera, theatre, symphony, beaches, state parks etc), but my memories of Melbourne are precious.

Those memories were re-ignited today when my Parkville friend, the Revd. Dr. Andrew McGowan posted a Facebook entry about the death of the family dog “Goldy”, at aged about 16.

When I stayed in Parkville with the McGowan’s last year, Goldy and I hit it off, and she became a blessed substitute for my lovely Penne. I think of her with enormous fondness.

The McGowan household also included another dog named Calvin.

At first Calvin did nothing more than to bark at me. But he changed his habits once he discovered that I was more than willing to take him for long walks.  Then we became “dear friends”..  We enjoyed many walks.

Here is a photo’of Goldy and Calvin:  Woof, Woof.


Calvin (l) Goldy (r) 

'Photo courtesy of Maddie McGowan.

 I would love to be able to return to Melbourne.  It’s a great City

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  1. We look forward to seeing you again - Calvin included!