Sunday, 28 October 2012

Today's musings

1. Once, when I lived in Pittsfield,  Hurricane Gloria came up the east coast.  We all got prepared.  The hurricane fizzled out over Long Island. The Channel 22 (Springfield, MA) meteorologist was utterly disappointed.

Hurricanes are dangerous and I worry for my friend “up nawth”  (cousin Kippy and her husband have been mandatorily evacuated from their home on Staten Island).

But the weather people on T.V. are driving me crazy.  It “seems” as if they wish this to be a major catastrophe.  I am sure that they are fine forecasters but I wish that they would tone down the hype. The United Kingdom has its Jimmy Saville hype.  We have the hurricane and the election. It’s all so wearisome.
No hurricane in FL, but we are getting cold air on the backside of the storm.

2. The Opera Season is back in SRQ. Ben, Bob and I enjoyed Rigoletto (by Verdi) this afternoon.  Some fine melodies and great choruses.  We sat in cheaper seats in “the gods”. Sound and sight were fine, but oh so many stairs! I am now at the age at which I hang on to stair rails even if I think that I do not need them.

3. My former colleague Ellen White posted this picture of the Country Store in Weston, VT.  I’ve been there many times. Ah New England, I miss you so much.

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