Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Judy Beers and a circle of friendship

So, when I decided to retire to Florida in 2006,  Judy Beers of Wakefield MA, the parish secretary at St. James’s Episcopal Church in Cambridge MA, urged me to be in touch with her Sarasota friends, Ron and Charlotte Thompson.

That I did.  Ron, Char and I “hit it off” immediately
In due course the Thompson’s met my SRQ  friends:  Barbara Dunne, Kay Dohoney, Ben Morse and Bob Lewis. (I knew Kay and Barbara from my Pittsfield, MA days).

Ron, Char, Ben, Bob, Kay and Barbara like each other immensely.

Next in 2011 I was privileged to introduce my brother Martyn and his son Sam (from the U.K.) to the Thompsons, and to Bob, Ben, Kay, and Barbara. “It worked”.

I am glad to say that “it worked” again in 2012, when Martyn visited again with Sam (who brought his friend Toby).

Earlier this year Ron’s sister and her husband Den retired to Sarasota.  Now they are part of this circle of friendship.

And the circle gets bigger.

For my first cousin Janet and her partner Steve visit this area from Bristol U.K. each year.

As a result of their visits they have come to know Ron and Charlotte, and last night they  met Karen and Den for the first time.

HEY!  Thanks Judy Beers. You  have  enabled a big circle of friendship.

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