Friday, 23 November 2012

Thanksgiving Day 2012: Menage a trois? Non, non. Repas pour trois

I promised to myself that I would not go to any store on Thanksgiving Day.   It’s not that I am likely to rush off to the late opening (bogus) “sales”, but I have been known to go to the local supermarket to get this or that.

I made this promise for a couple of reasons.

 Firstly: as a wee act of solidarity with the retail sales clerks/assistants/associates that have to work on holidays, when they should surely be allowed an un-interrupted day with friends or family.

Secondly: to free myself from the tyranny of what I call recreational shopping - a habit of many retirees who have “nothing better to do”.

I kept my promise. There was a minute of wavering when I realised that I needed some corn starch to thicken up the gravy.

Would I drive a mile to the store to buy some?  No, I remembered that my good neighbour Jean almost certainly had corn starch in her pantry, and that she would give me a couple of tablespoons worth.  That she gladly did.

My dog Penne loved the day. Her “Papa” was at home all day – so there was plenty of time for long walks
I enjoyed the peace and quiet. I enjoyed a day with no need or reason  to use my car.

All this allowed me plenty of time to prepare dinner.

The menu included pork shoulder which a cooked in a crock pot – five hours on “low”. It came out moist and juicy.

I made roasted carrots, onions, green peppers, mushrooms and sweet potatoes

 I cheated a bit and included some “Trader Joe’s” frozen roasted white potatoes.

The gravy came from the meat juices with some puréed pearl onions (and a bit of cornstarch!).

I also steamed some pole beans and sugar snap peas, ........and baked a dressing (made from a box – “the famous-in-the-U.K.” Paxo brand sage and onion stuffing mix – available at our local British Goods store).

All of this preparation was in order to entertain my guests from Bristol U.K.  – my first cousin Janet and her partner Steve, - who are at their timeshare on nearby Longboat Key.

We had a lovely unhurried and relaxed time together.   It was probably “all the better” because there were but three of us.

Steve and Janet professed to enjoy my meal.

I delighted in their company.

Dessert was simple:- some “Key Lime Pie” ice-cream from “Fresh Market”, with delicious macaroons from the same store.

It was one of my best Thanksgivings in so many years.

Peace. Quiet. No shopping.  A good meal.  Good company

Who could ask for anything more!

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