Anyone want a snow job? - panic all around.

1.  From my nephew Nick Theobald, Bristol. UK. Jan 24th

Must get out and stock up with milk , bread before it’s too late and I’m trapped in my house by the massive 100mm of snow they’ re predicting !!!!!!!!!!. Arrrggggghhhhh were all gonna die

2. From my friend Susan Hughes, Atlanta GA, Jan 24th

The mass panic has begun, as Atlantans flee the city under the threat of a flake of snow. The connector is a sea of brake lights, and I'm quite sure that bread, milk and toilet paper are completely sold out of every supermarket in a 90 mile radius. 

(Seriously, how did I EVER survive when I lived in MA and NY???) /sarcasm off).


3. Cartoon via my former  Massachusetts colleague R. Ellen White, now  serving a parish in S.W. Virginia.


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