My home City is Bristol, U.K.  It’s a historic seaport about 120 miles due west of London, and it has been a prosperous seaport since at least A.D. 1373.

Such were the trading influences of Bristol that there are:

Two communities in Canada named Bristol, as well as one in Barbados, one in Costa Rica, one in Jamaica, and one in Peru.

That’s small beer.

There are thirty places in the U.S.A. named Bristol!

Two of the most fascinating are Bristol VA, and Bristol TN.

They are twin cities.  The main street is also the border line between the two States.

Thus, on one side of the street you are in Tennessee, and on the other side you are in Virginia.

Although these cities are geographically one, they are politically two, and have been so since 1856.

There is a Bristol TN City government, and there is a Bristol VA government.

Go figure!

Bristol VA/TN 1956  (Centennial)

Bristol VA/TN 2006  (Sesquicentennial)


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